New: Using '&' operator in Formula

Hello all,

We’ve now added support for ‘&’ in formula column.

Here are some ways you can use & in your formula:

  1. If you’re using & in the context of two numerical columns, say {Price 1} & {Price 2}, it will basically SUM by default.

  2. If you’re using & with two text columns, say `{Text 1} & {Text 2}, it will create a CONCAT (Concatenate) of two columns and the output will be ‘Text1Text2

  3. If you’re using & in an IF formula, say IF({Column 1}>{Column 2} & {Column 2}=1, "Yes", "No") then it will basically use & as a AND logical operator.

You can also use & in the SWITCH () and nested IF () formulas easily :slight_smile:

Hope this helps! Give it a try and comment on different ways you could use the & operator :v:

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