Need to extract data from Instagram automatically

Hey stackers,Running a digital marketing agency especially IG campaigns, I need to extract data such as likes, comments and no of shares on my reel in a stack?How to do it automatically?

You can easily do so in quick steps by using powerful column-linked API feature of Stackby,

Use the Instagram API connector:

For more info: Stackby and Instagram Integration

In summary,

  1. Connect column to Instagram API (using Connect Column to an API column type)
  2. Use API function - Get Media IDs (under Instagram)
  3. Copy those media IDs, in a column
  4. Use API function - Get Media Statistics and give media IDs as a reference input column
  5. You will get {data} for each media ID in the table. Select {data}, open the data explorer and select the data you’d like to display in the columns. Just select the data and hit ‘Create Columns’ and you will see data populate automatically in the table.
  6. All your instagram media data is now in the table, filled automatically. Just hit refresh icon in the cell to get the real-time instagram data.

Hope this helps!