Linking tables at the table level

I’m new to Stackby and enjoying what it lets me do. But unless I’m missing something, I’m very surprised that it lacks the basic ability to set up a relationship (link) simply based on a column in each table. This seems like a pretty fundamental function of a relational database. Having to link every single individual row is unnecessarily complicated, not to mention time-consuming!

For example, let’s say I have two tables:

Employees, with a column that lists all employees by (unique) name, plus other columns with their company details, and
Sales, which lists all sales records, including the employee who made the sale.

It would be so much easier (and useful) to be able to simply create a link between the tables’ employee name columns, which would automatically link rows where the names match. Is there any way to do this?


Hi @logocop, I’m glad you’re enjoying Stackby and exploring the possibilities.

The link between two tables is based on the primary column (concept of primary key & foreign key) in databases.

Based on your example, yes Stackby does allow you to do that.

Just convert your employee name column in your Sales table to ‘Link to another row’ column type and then connect it to the employees table. It will automatically take the link where the employee names match. Quick video screenshot attached.

Link across tables - Stackby

Hope this helps answer your question!

Thanks for the reply. But unless I misunderstand, your response assumes that both tables are fully populated. But if I add a new employee to the Employee table, and then sometime later add that employee’s first sale to the Sales table, I’ll still have to manually add the link rather than Stackby checking for a link automatically.