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Welcome to the Stackby Community, a forum for our stackers to work together, collaborate and share their knowledge on Stackby. Stackby platform is built for creators and we’re happy that we could launch this new community for you!

This community is hosted on Discourse - a platform where you can participate in on-going discussions, @mention people and post your content. The Stackby team will try to moderate the content, facilitate discussions, jump in if we have an answer and let the community roll.

We’re super excited to grow this with you, please don’t hold back your thoughts and tell us what you like and what could be better. We need your solid feedback to create the right environment to share and discuss anything related to Stackby.

Few tips for you:

  • We’re trying so that you can embed your stack here, but until then please share relevant GIFs or stack screenshots. You could use CloudApp or Screencastify - both are free and super convenient.

  • If you’d like to show out a template on something you’re working on, do share it on Stackby One if it deems worthy for the rest of the community to see and use. You get brownies from us if you do!

  • Download the Discourse app on your mobile.

Let’s start:

  • Introduce yourself below and add a bit about what you’d like to see from the Stackby Community
  • Tell us what you would you like to see in Stackby in ‘Product Suggestions’
  • Share a recent hack in ‘Show & Tell’
  • Ask a technical question in ‘Ask the Community’
  • Share your awesome automation with APIs and third party services in ‘Development & Integrations’

We’ll be here on this channel, but if you have an emergency and need immediate support - just reach out to us on or report a bug or feature below:

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Hello everyone.
My name is Purvansh and i am working in Stackby as Product Analyst.

Hello y’all
My name is Shiv and I work at stackby as a marketing intern

Hey there! I’m Elisa, running a marketing agency in US. Utilizing Stackby for various workflows in our agency: CRM, Content Operations, HR tracking and more. Love the platform, keep up the good work.

Hi Stackers!

Edwin from Getset2go SA here.
We have a few web-based businesses. I love spreadsheets, and data,(I’m too old to be a nerd, but some things never change :slight_smile: )
A good datab/spreadsheet hybrid like Stackby is besides an amazing tool, just a lot of fun to experiment with.

Hope we can learn form oneanother



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Welcome Edwin to the Stackby family!

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@All the new members to the community. Please introduce yourself here :slight_smile:

Hello! I’m Calvin and I want to move away from boring spreadsheets :slightly_frowning_face:! Thank for making Stackby a reality :grinning:!

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Hello! I’m James in NC,US. I’m trying to develop databases that will assist in running my accounting and media companies.

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Welcome to the community James :slight_smile: Good to have you here. Looking forward for your engaging posts.

Hey Community,

I love to play with the data and bring the magic out of it, found Stackby on product hunt, lovin it! Exploring it for all my projects.


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