Hidden "control lookup"

Hi Stackers.

I have this scenario:
We have a substantial number of members who order products for re-sale.
We have a public order form.
To prevent “fake orders”, every member has a secret code number.
How can we block orders using the name of the approved members (in a dropdown), when the secret code field they need to enter in the form, doesn’t match the secret code field we have on file (in the approved member database.)

Looking forward to a possible solution or workaround!



Can you please share a screenshot Edwin? It will help us understand better.

Hi @rachitk

I have recorded a screencast to best explain my intention:

“Video is here: ClickUp

Hi @rachitk

I am coming back to this…
Any possible workaround available please?



Hi @EdwinS

You cannot configure Lookups and Formula fields in the form in Stackby. That’s why this particular use-case seems difficult at this point.

A potential workaround could be to use a conditional form field and choose a previous condition to set the ‘Quantity’ visible if that condition is met. You can choose what the condition could be. Say could a pre-determined number between 0 to 9 - and say people who choose 9 will only get to see the quantity field in the form. Does that make sense?


This is weak from a privacy and security perspective. Maybe you should rethink your approach a bit.

If all of your resellers are displayed in a list, it’s telling anyone who visits who all of the resellers are. Do you want a customer to decide to buy from a different reseller? That might not make your resellers happy.

If the secret code really follows the pattern you show in your video, it should be fairly easy to guess. A malicious visitor could order 1000 cases for one reseller or maybe 1000 cases for each reseller.

At the very least, you should be using randomly-generated secret keys. A better solution would be to have a reseller portal that the reseller logs into.

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