Formula using different table

Is there a way for a formula to pull a value from a linked table? For example, if I have one table with individual product details (Type, Size, Color, etc.), and I want a column in a linked table that concatenates those details (“Men’s shirt, Blue, Large”). Is there a way to do that directly in a formula, or do I first have to set up individual Lookup columns in the linked table that bring in each detail, and then set up the formula using those? Thanks!

Hi @logocop, the best way today is to do individual lookup columns in the linked table that bring each detail and then setup a CONCAT formula to connect those 3 lookup columns.

I’m trying to think of the possibility using ARRAYJOIN (values) in the Aggregation column type using separators, but I guess that will be a little complicated. I’ll still give it a try and see if I can find a workaround using that.

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