Formula to find the number of days excluding weekend

Hello all,
I have a digital marketing agency, so I have hired a few people, paying them on the basis of the number of days they have worked for me.

I have two columns in my sheet by the name ‘From’ and ‘Upto’. I need to find out the number of days from ‘From’ to ‘upto’ excluding the weekends. Can anyone from the Stackby community tell me the exact formula to find the number of days?

Hello @Sqreder,

We have a WORKDAY_DIFF() function in Stackby that allows you to

Counts the number of working days between startDate and endDate. Working days exclude weekends and an optional list of holidays, formatted as a comma-separated string of ISO-formatted dates such as WORKDAY_DIFF(startDate, endDate, [holidays])

Example: WORKDAY_DIFF({Assignment date}, {Due Date}, “2019-09-04,2019-10-09,2019-11-10”)

Formula that you can use: WORKDAY_DIFF({From},{Upto})