Formula to calculate working days between two dates

Hello, I have two columns - Start Date and Due Date and I’m trying to calculate the difference between two dates. I can do it via DATE_DIFF formula to calculate the number of days between two dates but how do I calculate ONLY working says between those dates?

Can you please help me with a formula? Appreciate it!

I tried to solve this, but I encountered a problem.

In the above screenshot, “All Days” has this formula:
DATE_DIFF({Start Date}, {Due Date}, "days")

“Work Days” has this formula (which you can verify in the following screenshot):
WORKDAY_DIFF({Start Date}, {Due Date}, "2022-01-01,2022-01-17")

In that formula, I am including only the first two holidays of the year.

The first problem is in the first line. That date range is a Monday through Friday. Why is “Work Days” reporting it as only two days?

Now look what happens when I try to add a third holiday to the list:

For a sanity check, I copy/pasted the first three dates from your example in the WORKDAY_DIFF documentation. I got the same error:

Why is the number of work days in the first line reported as “2”?
Why is the formula field rejecting my list of holidays?

Can you try this again?

It seems to be working now.