Formula to calculate working days between two dates

Hello, I have two columns - Start Date and Due Date and I’m trying to calculate the difference between two dates. I can do it via DATE_DIFF formula to calculate the number of days between two dates but how do I calculate ONLY working says between those dates?

Can you please help me with a formula? Appreciate it!

I tried to solve this, but I encountered a problem.

In the above screenshot, “All Days” has this formula:
DATE_DIFF({Start Date}, {Due Date}, "days")

“Work Days” has this formula (which you can verify in the following screenshot):
WORKDAY_DIFF({Start Date}, {Due Date}, "2022-01-01,2022-01-17")

In that formula, I am including only the first two holidays of the year.

The first problem is in the first line. That date range is a Monday through Friday. Why is “Work Days” reporting it as only two days?

Now look what happens when I try to add a third holiday to the list:

For a sanity check, I copy/pasted the first three dates from your example in the WORKDAY_DIFF documentation. I got the same error:

Why is the number of work days in the first line reported as “2”?
Why is the formula field rejecting my list of holidays?

Can you try this again?