Counting the number of times "Passed" appeared

I’ve read several posts similar to this already, I but haven’t figured it out.

I’m trying to count how many times the word “Passed” appears in this Rollup record.

I would be very thankful for this awesome community

Here is one way to do it in a formula:

IF(LEN({Work Types})=0,0,LEN({Work Types})-LEN(SUBSTITUTE({Work Types},“Retouch”,“Passed”)))

You are removing one character from the string for every appearance of “Passed” and then counting the difference in length of strings.

However, in these situations I prefer to identify the value in the other table. So I would have a formula in the other table you have rolled up from called “Passed” that contains:

IF({Work Type} = “Passed”, 1, 0 )

You can then roll this field up using aggregation in the table you posted above and just sum the values.