New Powerup: Column Permissions

Now assign granular permissions on each column in your table.

Anyone with creator or owner permissions on a stack can limit who can create or delete records in a column.

Here’s the quick video tutorial:

Step 1: Click on Edit Column Permissions on any column in your table

Step 2: Select who can edit or delete values in a particular column

Step 3: You can also allow whether values can be added via forms or updatable forms


When you are unable to add records in the cell, you will see the option with an explanation that the column is locked. Other actions such as Copy-Paste, Drag & Fill would also not be possible.

Structure your workflows more effectively in your team with this solid Powerup and only let team members access to what they’re required to do.

Let us know what you think of this and if there are any improvements you’d like us to add :slight_smile: