Manage Lead Scoring in Stackby

How do I manage lead scoring in Stackby?
I have got leads coming into a table, and we select few parameters with different weightage on each parameter. We want to calculate a single lead score formula that auto-computes the score for all the leads in the table just by clicking a checkbox

This is how we manage lead scoring internally in Stackby.

We have created a table for our leads, and we have 20 parameters we check for each lead and auto computed a score for each lead based on:

  1. If parameters meet that condition
  2. Based on different weightage on each parameter (say 5, 10, 15 etc.)

Here’s the formula that we used: P1 to P7 are different parameters with different weightage points out of 100.

IF({P1} = “checked”, 50,0)+ IF({P2}= “checked”, 10,0) + IF(P3}=“checked”,10,0) + IF({P4}=“checked”,10,0) + IF({P5}=“checked”,5,0) + IF({P6}=“checked”,10,0) + IF({P7}=“checked”,5,0)

You can add your parameters and start managing your lead scoring in Stackby like this.

Let me know if you have any other questions!