Launched - Now Embed Google Sheets, Google Docs & Google Slides in Stackby

Now you have the ability to add Google Docs, Sheets & Google Slides, from the Embed App in Stackby.

Step 1: Just give the necessary permissions from the Google Apps & just copy the share URL from Google Doc, Google Sheets or Google slides.

Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 7.39.49 PM

Step 2: Just ‘Copy the link’ and add it to the Embed App in Stackby

Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 7.40.30 PM

And that’s it! See it load in Stackby and start editing right from the Stackby platform.

Let us know what you think! :raised_hands:

We’re trying to support other platforms as well. You can even add Stackby views from other stacks in your Embed app.