Help Needed with Formula for Meal Allocations Based on Show Crew Status

I’m working on a formula to manage meal allocations for crew members at a festival site. I have the following fields in my table:

  • DAYS ON SITE (calculated using the formula DATE_DIFF({DEPARTURE DATE}, {ARRIVAL DATE}, ‘days’))
  • SHOW CREW (a checkbox field to indicate if the crew member works during the show)
  • CREW MEALS (current formula is SUM({DAYS ON SITE} * 3) to calculate the total meals based on days on site)

I need to adjust the meal calculations based on the SHOW CREW checkbox status. Specifically:

  • If the SHOW CREW checkbox is unchecked, I want to subtract 4 days from the DAYS ON SITE calculation for meal allocations.
  • If the SHOW CREW checkbox is checked, the calculation should remain as DAYS ON SITE without any subtraction.

To address the meal allocation calculation for your crew members at a festival site, you need to adjust the formula based on whether the crew member is part of the show crew or not. Here’s a formula to achive that:

IF({Show Crew}="checked",{DAYS ON SITE}*3, ({DAYS ON SITE}-{Show length})*3)