Giving the best user experience

How can we give the best user experience? I want to provide various resources to the members in my membership but still give nice beautiful experience and not like table or spreadsheets kind of feel.


You can try adding ‘Gallery Views’ to your table.

Please read them about it here: Stackby | Gallery View | Stackby Help Center & Guides

Hope this helps!

This is how my VA is setting my membership site and I am not happy; please advise for better user experience. Even free Airtable has a better layout, here I paid a huge amount and why is this looking like a Google sheet?

I want nice images, colorful tags. I want things properly organized and searchable.

Where can I train her? This user experience I don’t want to give to my members. It is too boring. She told me that she will be doing gallery layout; but looks like she doesn’t know how to do, where can she get trained? If no training available then do you know any VA trained in Stackby, I can hire her for this part of work.

I changed to gallery but it still shows this: