Hi. Just signed up to Stackby and taking it for a test run to see if it is something our business can use.

The main function I really need, and seems to be very scarce in the database world, is recurring records/tasks/events. 90% of our business are recurring jobs on either daily, 1,2, 3, 4.....weekly, fortnightly, monthly, yearly etc. Is it possible to build something that handles recurring events just like any commercial calendar does?

I did get something working in both Excel and Google sheets where a formula in a cell calculated the number of occurrences based on frequency and end date (max end date of 3 years) and a script/VBA copied down a record x No. of times based on he result of that cell. Grouping all the repeating events with a repeating ID.

Is there something similar I could do here?

Thank you :)