Multiple product order form - how to create?

Hi there,

I’ve to create an order form where clients can order multiple products including their respective quantities. I only want to show second product selection in the form when they choose to order 2nd product and then add their quantity and keep doing this. Say I want to give the ability to order 10 products including their quantities via a form.

Post which I want to calculate - total order value automatically from this order in my table.

Please help!

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Hi Elisa,

You can create an order form using our Conditional form field option (new powerup) for forms.

Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Create two tables: Orders and Products

In the Orders table, add fields like Name, Contact, Address and create links to Products table and categorize as Product 1, Product 2, Product 3… along with their respective quantities to select. You can automatically lookup a price from the product table in the Orders table.

Step 2: Create an orders form linked to the Orders table.

In this form, you can create a extra field called ‘Order More’ which can be a checkbox, in-case people want to order multiple products via the form. Now use this ‘Order more’ checkbox in the conditional form field visibility for Product 2, Quantity 2, Product 3, Quantity 3… and so on.

That way, people can select multiple orders in the form only if they want to order more. If they do, all their products, quantities and respective prices will come in the table directly.

You can use the same logic for as many products as possible and it will automatically compute your ‘Total Order Value’ for Price 1, Price 2, Price 3… and so on.


That’s how you can create a multiple product order form in Stackby and use it according to your needs to manage your end to end order management for your products or services.

Hi @rachitk

Could this not be possible be restructured with an “in-between” table which would basically be linked to the order-id, and then has a list of products in it.
This way, one could use a (virtually) unlimited number of products per order Id, since by doing so, the products are per row/line.
This, instead of a limited number of products (limited by the predetermined number of columns as per your solution)?

Please advise


Yes @EdwinS you can do that as well. Say for example if you’re managing inventory and you have multiple line-items per order, you can create another table called ‘Line Items’ table to manage this.

We have created a similar workflow in our Inventory Management Template where we have created two tables - Orders and Line Items.

Sorry for the late reply! Hope this helps.