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Asked a question 4 months ago

Trying to build out my own CRM database (importing existing data) and have Integromat/Pabbly Connect further add to it automatically eg. Clients/Deals etc. Trying to reverse engineer the existing temples (i.e Multiple Product CRM). How do I set up relationships between tables? Not sure how much manual entry is required i.e I am not sure what data has pulled automatically from examples??

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Hi @Mathew K17

For setting up relationships between tables, you need to use the Link column type:

Once you link across tables, you can use Lookup or Aggregation to bring data automatically from the other table. 

When you pull information via third party integrations, you can add data in the 'Link column' and it will automatically add it there, link it to the other table (or add a row if it's a new company not there). 

Hope this helps. 

Some resources might help: 

1. Lookup Field:
2. Sales Pipeline tutorial:

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